Saturday 19 August 2017

Macaroni Pasta | Indian Style Masala Macaroni Pasta | Kids Lunch Box Recipe

Veg Macaroni Pasta or Masala Pasta is a tasty one-pot meal that is prepared with desi spices, macaroni and mixed vegetables.  This flavorful pasta tastes super yumm and is a sure hit with the kids.  It is quite easy to prepare and can be served as dinner for kids or even pack as lunch for school.

There are different variations to preparing pasta, but this version of the Macaroni Pasta is very tasty and can be prepared quickly compared to the others.  I have used elbow-shaped macaroni here, but you can use any other shape pasta too like spiral or cylindrical and make this recipe.

Veg Macaroni Pasta, Indian Masala Pasta

Thursday 17 August 2017

Cornflakes Mixture | Corn Flakes Chivda | Makai Chivda

Cornflakes Chivda or Corn Flakes Mixture is a delicious healthy snack that is quite easy to prepare.  Generally this is made with plain corn flakes (not the cereal version like Kellogs that is available in stores) and deep fried in oil.  I have used the ready-to-eat cereal cornflakes where I do not have to deep fry them.  So it does not require too much oil and if you are looking for a healthy snack for your kids, you can try this out.

Cornflakes mixture is very easy to prepare compared to the traditional South Indian mixture.

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Cornflakes Mixture, Cornflakes Chivda

Tuesday 8 August 2017

Coconut Sevai | Thengai Sevai | Easy Idiyappam Recipes

Coconut Sevai or Thengai Sevai is a simple, delicious South Indian breakfast item that is packed with flavor.  It does not have too many ingredients and is quite easy to prepare.   The preparation of this rice noodle recipe is quite similar to how we make coconut rice.  This makes for a good lunch box recipe too.

I have used instant sevai available in the market and cooked as per instructions on the packet.  You can make this coconut sevai recipe with fresh sevai or even with idiyappam.  There are so many healthy variations that can be made with sevai like lemon sevai, vegetable sevai, curd sevai, tamarind sevai, masala sevai that are all equally delicious.

Coconut Sevai, Thengai Sevai