Monday 29 October 2012

Aloo Matar | Potato with Peas

Aloo matar is a popular droolworthy spicy Punjabi dish made with potatoes and peas.  It is generally served with rotis, naans or parathas and it tastes so divine that you will keep asking for moreeee..  It tastes good even with vegetable pulao, ghee rice and even rice and dal.  The consistency of the gravy will depend on whether it goes with roti or rice and dal.  If you are going to serve it with rotis/parathas or pooris, the texture of the gravy has to be thick.  If it is with rice, then a thinner texture will taste better.

Aloo Matar, Potato and Peas Curry

Tuesday 23 October 2012

Rava Upma | Sooji Upma

Rava upma is a popular breakfast recipe in south India.  It has very simple ingredients, can be done real quick and is not heavy on the tummy.  You can actually enjoy it at any time of the day or when you are feeling a bit lazy and not up to making a full fledged meal.  Adding vegetables to it is purely a matter of choice.  Even if you don't add any veggies, it will still taste good.

Rava upma, sooji upma

Friday 19 October 2012

Kobbari Pachadi | Coconut Chutney for Rice

Coconut Chutney/ Kobbari Pachadi - There are 2 types of chutneys made with coconut - one for idli/dosa and another for rice.  The recipe I am giving here is the one to be taken with rice.

Of all the veggie pachadis that are taken with rice, this one is the simplest of all and hardly takes a few minutes to prepare.  It is a bit hot, a wee bit sweet and a little tangy too and tastes divine with hot rice and ghee.

Kobbari pachadi, coconut chutney

Wednesday 10 October 2012

Coconut Rice | Thengai Sadam | Kobbari Annam

Coconut Rice is a simple and tasty traditional dish of south India.  It is low on spices and is a wee bit sweet.  Can be made with both fresh and dried coconut, but tastewise fresh coconut is any day better.

There are many variations to preparing coconut rice.  My version is to make the rice separately and then add the coconut mixture to it and mix it well.  It tastes awesome and is one of those quick-to-prepare recipes that can be made when you are short on time.  So here goes..

Coconut Rice, Kobbari Annam